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"Ombre brows," sometimes known as "powder brows," are a semi-permanent eyebrow shaping technique performed by Louise on the film that give the illusion of a finely coloured brow pencil. Louise will enhance your inherent beauty as if it were something you were born with.

Step 1. Drawing & Measuring

To ensure that your magnificent, symmetrical brows seem as natural and as desired by you, I will meticulously draw and measure their lines.

Step 2. Micro-pigmentation Outlines

The most exciting part comes at this point, when your stunning new brows start to take on the form you desire. I shall delicately draw the contour of your lovely eyebrows with a micropigmentation needle.

Step 3. Micro-pigmentation Filling

In this video I am making the tails of the brows darker which fade into a lighter colour at the beginning of the brow, giving a perfect Ombre makeup affect creating a fuller result than just hairstrokes but still very soft.

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