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Young woman having permanent makeup on lips in beautician salon. Close up.jpg

If your lips have lost their natural colour or definition, I can use a variety of cosmetic tattooing techniques to give them a little more definition or make them look fuller.
I can even create the look of fillers without the need for painful injections! Whatever your reason, permanent makeup could be the solution for you.
The process normally takes about 90 minutes, but it varies from person to person depending on whether you would like a contour correction with a blush or a full lipstick look. After a lip treatment, you are likely to be swollen, so I do not advise making any social plans for a few days afterwards.
Beautiful even lips     Fuller looking lips     More youthful lips

Are You Applying lipstick over and over again during the day? You won't need to do it again.

If you've lost your natural pigmentation and/or lip definition, you can add a subtle definition to faded lip contours or create fuller lips with a variety of cosmetic tattoo techniques.

Whatever the cause, lip permanent makeup may be the ideal choice for you.
The time required for this treatment varies based on the needs of each person, generally taking two to three hours.

After the procedure, your lips may swell, therefore we advise against scheduling any appointments, even for a few days.
Time saved on reapplying of lip sticks or pencils

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