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What is Microneedling?

This is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that we use to treat certain skin concerns. By causing a small amount of trauma and penetrating the layers of the skin, we are able to absorb products better, and then our skin's collagen production will be hugely boosted. Micro-needling is a great way to help us rejuvenate our skin and is now used to treat many things, such as:

  • Acne scarring

  • Acne

  • Alopecia (promotes hair growth)

  • Drug delivery

  • Hyperhidrosis

  • Stretch marks

  • Dark circles

  • Pigmentation problems

  • Reduces lines and wrinkles

Skin needling alone is a fantastic treatment, but it's also great because it can be done alongside other treatments, such as derma-planing.

When the skin is penetrated to cause trauma, our skin goes into a natural healing cycle. During this cycle, we produce new COLLAGEN, and the old collagen is broken down and then removed by our body. This is why COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY is such a popular treatment for scar tissue. After the treatment, new collagen will be created for weeks, even several months, as the skin creates a new elastin matrix that ticks, giving our skin a radiant and youthful glow.

Product absorption was the primary reason that skin needling was investigated, and it is still used to help our skin absorb products better than simply rubbing them into it. When the skin is penetrated, we pierce the Stratum Corneum, which creates little passageways that allow products to bypass the waterproof barrier of our skin. The products now travel through the porous capillaries in our dermis and into our bloodstream. When we pierce the Stratum Corneum, we are allowing loss of the body's fluid, which is known as TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss), which can cause dehydration and dry skin, so an exfoliation treatment a week after micro-needling is a good option. Microdermabrasion or derma-planning are very good treatments to have for this. 

Main benefits of Microneedling 

Skin Rejuvenation

Because of the increased production of collagen and elastin, our skin will tighten and thicken. This will stop the thinning and production of fine lines, making our skin look plumper and fresher. This is what gives you a more youthful look. Fine lines and large pores will shrink, and our skin will have a more radiant and glowing appearance.


The results from skin needling on scar tissue are highly effective and very popular. Many people suffer from acne scarring as well, so this is a great treatment for any scar tissue. Scar tissue is basically misaligned skin tissue caused by damage, but because of the rapid growth of new collagen, our skin goes into a natural repair cycle. This is not an overnight option, but after time and repeated treatments, the results are really amazing. Scar tissue usually needs more aggressive treatment than a regular micro-needling session.

Age Spots and Hyper-Pigmentation

Many treatments are not suitable for clients with darker skin, i.e., many laser treatments, microdermabrasion, or IPL skin rejuvenation. This is because these treatments can cause heat and friction, resulting in pigment loss or hyperpigmentation. So micro-needling is a great option for darker skins. Many Asian clients also has this treatment done. Our skin produces melanin, which is what causes the colouring of our skin. Micro-needling breaks down our melanin, balancing the signals between keratinocytes and melanocytes. This is how we break down hyperpigmentation or age spots in our skin. Again, this would be an ongoing treatment with great results.


This appears as redness on the face. It is because of hypersensitivity in the blood cells in our face. It has many causes, such as genetic conditions, heat, stress, and alcohol abuse. Because micro-needling thickens and strengthens our skin and produces collagen, it can help treat the appearance of rosacea.


This is a treatment you have to be careful with as acne spreads easily, and by treating across an area with bacteria, the acne can easily spread. You cannot have the micro-needling directly on an angry area of acne. You would need to have it between outbreaks or have it around the inflamed areas. It is, however, an excellent treatment for this because acne-treatment products and serums absorb much more easily into the skin.

Stretch Marks

Although this is a lengthy process, the results of aggressive needling are very good over time. Perseverance and extensive treatment times will do wonders. Trauma stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and the stretch marks fade over time. 


When fat cells push through the healthy pattern of our collagen and elastin, these dimple-like bumps are formed. Micro-needling helps reduce the appearance of cellulite due to the collagen and elastin growth in our skin, which help maintain these fat cells.


Just like the production of collagen due to wound healing, the same is thought to regenerate hair through production within the hair follicles. Our hair follicles are found in the dermal layer of our skin. Although alopecia is more commonly found in men, it is also found in women. Women tend to suffer more with thinning of the hair. This treatment is also used to assist in promoting hair growth and thickening the hair.

Contraindications to micro-needling:

  • Active acne

  • Severe eczema or psoriasis

  • Extreme keloid scarring

  • Patients receiving chemo or radiotherapy

  • Uncontrolled diabetes, as an infection, is more likely

  • Shorter needles to be used on areas where there is filler

  • Needling over Botox will reduce its effectiveness.

  • A patient on medications that cause PIP (Post Inflammatory Pigmentation)

  • Bruised skin

  • Pregnant clients are more likely to have PIP, so 6 months postpartum is recommended.

  • Cuts or open wounds.

  • Cold sores, because they can spread easily.

  • Any rashes that are unexplainable or that we could possibly cause damage to

  • Raised moles or warts

How often can treatments be done? 

This treatment needs approximately 4–6 weeks between treatments. This is to enable the best results due to the skin's growth cycle. Our collagen growth is at its highest after around 14 days, then it will decrease. Existing collagen will then start breaking down, so at approximately day 30 after treatment, you would get the best results by treating at this point.


  • Redness Slight swelling Visible marks

  • Possible bruising

  • Dry skin days later, so book in two weeks later for a nice exfoliation treatment.

  • Tighter and fresher skin

  • Collagen levels increase after approximately 48 hours Continued progress over the next three to twelve months

  • Collagen replenishment will last 5-7 years, making this a hugely long-lasting and effective treatment Reduced ageing signs

  • Reduced UV damage

  • Skin thickening and plumpness

Aftercare Advice for Micro-needling

Please avoid direct sunlight for several days, as your skin will be extra sensitive after the treatment.

If this is unavoidable, please use a cream with a minimum SPF of 30.

Keep downtime minimal 12 to 24 hours. Maybe 48 for a more aggressive treatment  

On the rare occasion that pustules form, please contact your GP if they persist.

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